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Retropolis 2: Never Say Goodbye

Official Walkthrough

Hello and welcome to the official walkthrough of Retropolis 2: Never Say Goodbye. We hope this walkthrough will help you find your way as you embark on your journey in the city of robots. If you can’t seem to find the solution to the task in hand or you’re experiencing any problem, you can leave us a message or join our Discord server and head over to our support channel for help.

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How To Play Retropolis

Retropolis 2, just like the first Retropolis game, is a seated experience, so make sure you have a comfy seat and that your play area is cleared from any obstacles. If you’re new to VR, you might also want to take the time to make sure that your headset is placed properly on your head—not too loose or too tight—and that you can clearly see the virtual world around you. Take into consideration that using VR for a long period of time can be exhausting for newcomers, pay attention to your body as you’re immersed in the world of Retropolis, and get a rest when needed.


The main game mechanic in Retropolis is a simple point-and-click interaction: use the controller in your hand to point at objects in the virtual environment and click on your controller’s main trigger to interact with them. In order to move the pointer between your hands, just click the trigger on your non-active hand and turn it into your active hand. You can also use the controller’s joystick to turn around and search the environment effectively.


When interacting with a collectable item, Philip will pick it up and hold it in his hand. When holding an item in your active hand, any interaction will be between the item you're holding and the selected object in the environment. For example, Holding a Key and selecting a locked door will result in Philip using the key to open the door, while holding a key and selecting a donut won’t help you in any meaningful way. Please note that some items can be used with one another


And who’ll help you carry the items you’ll collect along your journey if not your loyal inventory? Yes, your inventory will be there by your side, following you anywhere you go, and in it you can put your items to free your hands to perform other actions. When you open your inventory, you won’t only find your items but also your current objective, written there to keep you focused. A new addition to Retropolis 2 is a pin inside your inventory that you can use to stop its floating movement and fix it in one place at your convenience. A second click will release it from its pinned position.

Another new addition to Retropolis 2 is the hand rotation interaction. When selecting some knobs in the game, Philip will send his hand to hold them without letting go. At that time, you’ll be able to physically rotate your controller in order to rotate the knob Philip is holding. A second click will result in the release of the knob. The same logic is also used with knobs on rails, where you can physically move your hand to the sides to affect them. While holding knobs, you can use your joystick for smooth rotation and use the physical rotation only when you need more precision.

General Tips

Look around 

As simple as it may sound, you're about to enter 360-degree environments that are packed with many details you’ll need to uncover in order to meet the challenges ahead of you. Pay close attention to your surroundings, and don't forget to explore not only left and right but also above and below you.

Use Items Wisely

The items you collect along your journey will be your essential tools for solving puzzles and overcoming challenges. Figuring out where and when to use your items is the key to progression,and sometimes thinking outside the box will help you do so. Don’t forget that not all items will be used physically, so make sure you carefully inspect the items you collect.


Take a break to think

If you find yourself stuck on a particularly tough puzzle or feeling overwhelmed, don't hesitate to take a short break. Step away from the virtual world, stretch, and clear your mind. Sometimes, taking a moment to relax and refresh can lead to a fresh perspective when you return. If this is your first run of the game, use this walkthrough as your last resort. After completing the game for the first time you can come back for a binge-run, armed with your knowledge from the previous playthrough, and completely immerse yourself in the flow of the narrative.

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The Basics

Philip’s Home Office 

After watching the cinematic intro of the game, you’ll find yourself at your office. Use your joystick to rotate and face the empty investigation board. Take your time to click around and explore the different objects in the environment to learn more about your situation and the state of the city. In order to accomplish your objective, you’ll need to grab the pictures from the desk and place them on the investigation board, and then grab the pins from the board and use them to connect the different pictures and explore the connection between them. After making three connections between the different pictures, you will receive a phone call: your old boss from the police wants to meet you. Turn back to the window and use your car to drive away.

The Electric Sheep Bar

It’s been a long time since the last time you visited this dirty bar, and nothing has changed. Take the bottle from the nice bartender and take a sip. If you’re having trouble with virtual drinking, just make sure you hold the controller closer to your mouth. Sergeant Screwborg will come in, and after drinking your booze, he’ll brief you on the case. Don’t be afraid; he doesn't suspect you killed his best friend, or does he? 

By the end of the conversation, Screwborg will leave for an important call, not after asking you to investigate some suspicious evidence. Open up the package, take out the mask from inside, and cover your eyes. A sequence change will appear in front of you; if you can’t solve it, you’ll be able to use the skip button that will appear after a minute. Take the film reel and go back to the real world.

In order to watch the film reel, you’ll need to get rid of the lazy cleaning robot standing by the projector. In order to do so, push the button to activate the fire alarm, take the cigarette from the ashtray, and use it to smoke. While it’s still hot from smoking, use the cigarette to burn the envelope Screwborg left behind. Take the burning envelope and use it on the fire alarm. Now, when no one stops you from using the projector, you can insert the film reel. You’ll also need to grab the lightbulb from above your head and insert it into the projector. Now you can watch the most entertaining ransom film to ever be made in Retropolis.

The Old Lighthouse

As you face the lighthouse in front of you, look to your left; you’ll see a big anchor. Knock it down. Open the box and grab the mask. Put it on your head to encounter a logic challenge; if it’s too hard for you to solve, a skip button will appear after a minute. Grab the record and use it on the gramophone next to the gate.

After the gate opens, go up to the lighthouse and open the box with the hand in it. Go down the stairs on your left and reach a small beach. There, you’ll need to move the upside-down boat and grab the small card the dead sailor is holding. Go up the stairs and give the card to the hand in the box. Take the cog from the hand and place it on the knob next to the door. Use the hand rotation mechanic in order to rotate the cog and clear the way to open the door and enter the lighthouse.

The inside of the lighthouse is a five-floors interconnected puzzle. Start by taking the pendulum from the clock and attaching it to the apparatus next to the gramophone. Use it again to give it some energy, then open the chest and collect the green battery. Grab the handle, place it on the socket on the wall, and use it to lower a ladder. On every floor, you’ll need to find a handle to fit a socket in order to get to the floor above you.

When you reach the second floor, rotate the clown’s nose and open his mouth. Grab the mask and meet another logic challenge. Grab the record and place it in your inventory. Return to the first floor and place the record on the gramophone. Now you’ll be able to use the knobs to move the rotating knob across the maze. When you solve it, you’ll be able to collect a slide. You’ll need to collect four slides in order to beat the lighthouse puzzle.

Go back to the second floor, push the button on the jackpot machine, and collect the second green battery. Activate the jack in a box clown to find another handle and use it to get to the third floor, where you’ll need to place the two batteries in their house in order to send electricity through a sequence of three puzzles that you solve by rotating wired plates. Solve them to win a second slide.

Take the handle and use it to get to the fourth floor, where you’ll see a starry electrical puzzle and a fortune teller booth. The place of the diamonds in the fortune teller’s cards will determine the two possible places for the diamond to appear in the card game booth on the second floor. In order to solve this challenge, you’ll need to move two diamonds to appear on matching slates on the fourth floor and then go back to the second floor, start the game, and pick the same slate. Once you find the diamond, you’ll win the third slide.

Go back to the third floor and face the first puzzle. There, you’ll need to rotate the plates so the electricity flows to the row of light bulbs above. Memorize the sequence of on and off lights and rotate the plate again to let the electricity flow forward. Go back to the fourth floor and manipulate the flow of electricity in the puzzle on your left so the light bulb sequence matches the one you memorized; that will enable you to grab the last slide.

Break the pots around you in order to find the last handle; use it to get to the last floor and insert the four slides into the magic lantern on your left. The door will open, and you’ll finally see Jenny Montage. Go out to talk with Jenny and figure out what’s going on. When she asks for the money, you’ll have no choice but to give her the white suitcase in your inventory and watch her perform her deadly routine. Go back to the lighthouse and go down; there you’ll meet Sargent Screwborg. Do your best to convince him you're not a murderer…

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Episode 1

Jail Cell

After contemplating your wrongdoings, call the guard for a chat. Tell him you were a cop once; after that, you’ll be able to ask what his orders are, and finally, you can tell him that you’re not really there and he needs to go and search for you. After he leaves, go ahead and try to grab the key, only to accidentally drop it behind the guard’s desk.

In order to get the key, you’ll need to grab the vacuum-bot from behind you and place it at its docking station. The four buttons above can set the vacuum-bot’s working mode. In order to get the key, you’ll need to choose the vertical line and then place the vacuum-bot outside of the cell in front of the key; it will automatically move in the forward  and vacuum up the key. Put the vacuum-bot back in its docking station and press the central button to open it. Now you can take the key and use it to unlock the cell and set yourself free.

Jail Cell Escape.png

Jail Lobby

Pick up the plug and insert it into the socket. To find the code, you’ll need to enter the locker room and open the locker that’s the second from the left in the lowest row. There you’ll find the binary code to insert back into the terminal in the main lobby to open the evidence closet. Call your inventory and collect the blue spray paint.

Go into the elevator and search for the small door that opens the battery compartment. Grab the battery and go back to the locker room, where you’ll find a battery charger. Insert the battery into the station. To charge it, you’ll need to pick up the taser that can be found in one of the lockers and use it on the charging station’s power plug. Pick up the full battery, and don’t forget to also collect the RPD badge that can be found in the lockers.

Return to the elevator and power it using the battery. The elevator will use a cutting-edge, futuristic face recognition system to decide if you’re allowed to go up. To trick the face recognition system, you’ll need to use your hat wisely. Paint it blue using the blue spray you found, and attach the RPD badge to it. Put the hat on your head and let the elevator scan your face; you will pass as a police officer and will have permission to elevate.

Elevator Ride

Enjoy the RPD jingle as you elevate ♪ ♫

RPD Roof

Your hat will blow in the wind; follow it to the other side of the roof and pick it up. Feel endless sorrow as you discover the rain washed the blue paint away and ruined your sophisticated cover.

Return to your previous location and pick up the wrench that is hanging on the wall. Wake up the sleeping cop; this is Jimmy, the robot in charge of the RPD’s flying car fleet. Talk to Jimmy and tell him you need the car. When he asks why, answer that it’s for police work. He’ll print out a form for you to get approved by the commissioner. Grab the form and return to the elevator in order to go one floor down to the commissioner’s office.


Meet Betty1 and chat with her. Tell her you need to see the commissioner in order to get your freelance police form signed. She will drastically misunderstand you but as a fleeting suspect you’ll have to flow with it. Betty1 will send you one floor down to search Screwborg’s office and retrieve a certain picture it’s better not to talk about.

Investigation Department

Meet Betty2, Screwborg’s secretary, and Betty1’s sister. She is bored with her job, so you'll need to put in some effort in order to start talking with her. Persistence will help you. When Betty2 asks how she can help you, you’ll need to boldly lie in order to get what you want, only to get caught by a robot that is clearly too intelligent to be fooled by your lies. 

Once she gets angry with you, don't give up and talk to her again. You may try to lie again, but you will find out that you have no other choice but to tell the truth. After doing so, she will ask you for proof you’re not lying again. Give her the film reel from your inventory and follow her as she goes to inspect it.

Forensics Lab

There are six symbols hidden in the film, use the Film-O-Tron™ to find them. Rotate the dial to change frames, and press the red button to scan a selected frame. Remember that you can use the joystick to quickly rotate your hand, and physical rotation can help you move frames slower. 

Once you find all the symbols, Betty2 will use them to find the clue the magician planted in the RPD’s database — a poster to a magical crime show.

Magician's Code 01.png
Magician's Code 04.png
Magician's Code 02.png
Magician's Code 05.png
Magician's Code 03.png
Magician's Code 06.png
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Episode 2

Screwborg’s Office

Talk to Betty2 and decide you’ll need to go out and search for clues in the police station. Head back to the investigation department lobby and enter Scrweborg’s office. As you open the window to the fire escape, the phone will ring. Answer it. It’s Betty2 warning you that Screwborg is about to walk into his office. Hang up and select the closet next to the door in order to hide yourself.

As you hide, you’ll see Screwborg open up the picture on the wall to reveal a hidden safe. After he leaves, go out and open the picture. To find the code for Screwborg’s safe, you’ll need to
grab Screwborg’s glasses and put them on. The first symbol is behind a box, left to the safe. The second symbol is on the door of the closet that’s right to the window. The third symbol is behind the punching bag, and the fourth symbol is on the ceiling.

Screwborg's Safe Code.png

Once you open the safe, you’ll find two items you can collect: a picture and a key. The picture may feel like the right way to progress, but unfortunately, it presents Bigbars and Betty1 as they fish for a red herring. In order to accomplish your objective, you’ll need to return to the maze of corridors on the investigation department floor. As you head over, you can go back to forensics and talk to Betty2 about your investigation. You can also ask Betty2 for help throughout this puzzling episode. 

It may take some wandering around, but you’ll eventually find the door to Philip’s old office, with the names Philip 109 and John 05 written on it. Use the key to open it and go in.

Philip’s Old Office

It’s been years since the last time you’ve been there, and dealing with past memories is hard, so it may be time for a drink. Select the peeling wallpaper and reveal a symbol. You’ll need to create the same symbol using the red pins on the investigation board behind you. When you do so, a safe will be revealed.

Philip's Old Office Solution.png

Look at the single action figure on John’s table and use it to open a secret apparatus. Pick up a note and see that behind it you can read the following Philip 7 John: In order to decode this, you’ll need to remember the last digits in Philip’s and John’s names, and if you go out, they can see them written on the door. The code you’ll end up with is 109705; use it to open the safe. Take out the flask from inside it and drink a few sips until you fall asleep… 

Back at the Roof

Leave your old office and go back to the corridor maze. Make sure you find the security camera in the corridors and use the wrench to unscrew it and pick up the cog (if you didn’t pick up the wrench in the previous episode, you’ll need to pick it up from the roof).

Go to the elevator and choose to go back to the roof. Go to the upper level and open the maintenance closet. Use the flask to grease the rusty cogs in the middle. You'll also need to add the cog you picked up to the cog group on the right.

Use the three lower rotation knobs to align the cogs (it may be a little tricky, but you’ll be able to do it eventually). When you do so,, you’ll be able to use the lever on the left to lower the ladder.

Head back to the elevator and go back to the investigation department. Enter Screwborg’s office and go out of the window. Want to guess what you can find right behind you? That’s right, the ladder from the roof Go ahead and climb it.

Bigbars’s Office

As you enter Bigbar’s office, make sure you don’t forget to stamp your freelance police form. So take the stamp from the desk, the form from your inventory, and stamp it like it’s hot!  Now, in order to accomplish your main objective, you’ll need to face the map on the wall and use the wrench to unscrew the four nuts  holding it to reveal a safe that requires a six-digit code. Find the blue book on one of the shelves and use it to open a secret cabinet with the dial to insert to the safe.

At the desk, you will find a picture of Bigbars and his lovely wife. Look at the back of it to find the first three digits of the code. Open the door to the HQ lobby and step out. This will of course cause Betty1 to experience a panic attack and run away, so now you’ll be able to open the drawer on her desk and find a picture of the two Bettys; behind it, you’ll see the remaining three digits for the safe’s code. Open the safe and pick up a ticket to a magic show.

Bigbars' Safe Code.png

Go back to the forensics lab and give Betty2 the ticket. She will scan it and find the location of the Magical Crime Show. Take the location disk from her and go back to the roof. Give Jimmy the signed form and insert the floppy disc into the car. Choose how to say farewell to poor Jimmy as you drive into the dark night.

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Episode 3

The Theater Foyer

Oh, no, you’re late for the show! Now you have no choice but to sneak in. In order to do so, you first need to look up and reach out to the chandelier on the ceiling. Doing so will make a small piece of paper fall down. Grab it and examine it closely; it’s a clue from the magician; one side will show a few dots and three circles, and the other side will show four circles with direction marks. 

Go to the left (the cloakroom booth) and notice that the hat hangers are built like the dots in the clue, and you’ll need to hang three hats to match the circles. The first hat is on a shelf above the cloakroom booth; the second is on Host-bot's head; and the third is on your own head.

Hats Position.png

When you place the three hats on the hat hangers, as shown in the clue, four knobs will appear. They are non-rotatable by hand, so you’ll need to use the wrench to rotate them each time by 45 degrees. After rotating the knobs a few times, you’ll discover they are controlling the stone statues on the other side of the foyer. Use the knobs to rotate the statues so they have the same direction as in the clue you found. The statue on the left will face forward, the two in the middle will face each other, and the statue on the right will face 45 degrees to the left. When you're done, go near the statues and pull the hand of the sad clown on. A secret door will be revealed. Go inside.

Statues Directions.png

Dark Passageway

Walk through this dim environment and get to know it. When you’re facing the magician’s hand, turn to the right and look down; you’ll see a still little robot holding a puzzle piece. Pick it up. Go to the puzzle on the opposite corridor and insert the missing piece. Open the suitcase and take the card. Go back to the hand and give it the card. Take the diamond and go to the machine. Insert the diamond and put on the mask.


After getting the record, go to the gramophone to give it a listen. Now you are ready to climb the ladder and watch the show.

The Magical Crime Show

Have fun watching the show from afar, but when the magician calls you out, you’ll have no choice but to step onto the stage. There, you’ll experience a twisty revelation, and you’ll have to make the hardest choice you’ve ever made in your life. One of the choices will end the game, and the other will leave you to defuse a giant bomb

Open a hatch in the floor and point at the lock to ask Betty2 to open it. Rotate the valve to make a harness go down; Betty2 will wear it. Rotate the valve to elevate Betty2 to the bomb, where she’ll tell you that you need to find four stabilizers. Two of the stabilizers are easy to find; one is located on the broken chair behind you, and the other one is on the apparatus that’s found on the location when going right (if you're facing the bomb).

Go to the left (relative to your starting point) and see a safe. Left to it, you’ll find a rotating plate; pick it up. To your right, you’ll find a box that you can open and collect the two colored cellophane slides and a third from a lamp to your right. Push the button that’s inside the box and see a pattern of colors. Go back to the chair and use the colored cellophane to see the right symbols, according to the pattern of lights in the box. You’ll reveal three symbols that you can use in the safe to open it and get the third stabilizer.

Color Puzzle.png

Go to the opposite side and place the rotation plate in the wooden apparatus. Rotate it and use the taser to electrify it. In the next stage, you’ll need to use the lever on the right to make the plates fall and put them back in another order. In the third stage, you’ll also need to use the wrench in order to modify the rotating plate with the nut on it and place it in the upper position so it can send electricity down.

Take the fourth stabilizer and go to give Betty2 the four stabilizers you found. A shockwave will knock down some scaffolding; use them to climb up and face the bomb. In order to defuse it, you need to memorize a sequence of five events. There’s no way to skip this challenge, so you’ll have to be super determined in order to save the day.

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Episode 4

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