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An adventure game set in the far future, in a city of robots obsessed with the past. A place of crime, romance and grace.

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The VR experience from the world of Israeli Action Comedy film - "Mossad".

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A collection of experiments in VR storytelling and immersive animation.

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Peanut Button is an independent studio, founded and run in Tel Aviv by brothers Asaf and Eyal Geva. We’ve always loved the world of gaming and animation, and at a young age we began to produce movies and games ourselves. In 2015 we began to create virtual reality experiences. We are driven by the desire to make a mark on the artistic language of the global Immersive media.

Being the small team that we are, all of us kind of do everything in the studio, but if you insist on titles - it'll probably be something like -


Eyal Geva​ - Creative Director

Eyal is a graduate of the School of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University. He served as a broadcaster and radio host during his military service on Israel’s popular army radio station, for which he created the sketch program “Inside the Jug.” Eyal has further professional experience creating content for a number of television shows. More recently, he has fallen in love with designing virtual realities, and with writing screenplays for these wholly immersive experiences.


Asaf Geva​ - Lead Developer

Asaf is a graduate of the program in Computer Science and Animation at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. He served in Unit 8200 during his military service in the Intelligence Corps, and has extensive professional experience in developing and programming computer games. The first virtual reality experience he created was a marriage proposal to his then-girlfriend, who is now his wife.


Daniel Ho - Lead Artist

Daniel has graduated the 3D character Animation program In Bezalel Academy of Arts. His thesis film, “Honeymoon”, was screened at sci-fi film festivals worldwide. He worked as a level designer, game designer, and game 3D artist for CoderZ, and art-directed indie projects. Daniel joined the Studio to create the visual language for The Secret Of Retropolis, which combines 2D and 3D techniques to reach a unique visual style.

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