Aharon Man is a short VR action game, about Mossad Agent Aharon Rahamim from the Israeli movie "Mossad". In the movie, Aharon is severly injured, and reconstructed in the Mossad as a robotic all-Israeli super hero. The VR experience premiered alongside the film in cinemas around Israel, and for the first time gave moviegoers the chance to embody a character from the movie they went to. When in Aharon Man's suit, players shoot missles, freefall through air, and most importantly - DISCO DANCE.

When you experience AharonMan at the cinema, you get a personalized video of your AharonMan dance to share on social media....

Where to play?

This is a location-based experience in Israel's Cinema-City theaters.

The movie has finished its screening run, so the game can be played in special events and festivals. We also plan to release the game to the home market. So stay tuned for further updates about screenings and releases for the game -

Making of

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