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The critically acclaimed VR adventure series is back! Get lost in a sci-fi mystery spanning over four all-new episodes. Engage a battle of the minds with a sick new villain and use only your wit, your hovering inventory, and a pair of extendo-arms to uncover the truth.

The story of Retropolis 2: Never Say Goodbye is set a year after the events depicted in The Secret of Retropolis, and continues the story of Philip Log, the hard-boiled robo-detective, and Jenny Montage, the automated femme fatale that just can’t keep herself out of trouble. Nonetheless, Retropolis 2: Never Say Goodbye welcomes new visitors to the city of robots, and can be experienced as its own miniseries.


Same Intuitive Controls, Deeper Gameplay

The Retropolis series is a user-friendly VR experience built from the ground up to support effortless VR interaction. Using Philip Log’s extendo-arms, the player is able to collect items from afar, use them to overcome obstacles, and move the plot forward. On top of the first game’s mechanics, Retropolis 2: Never Say Goodbye features enchanted logic puzzles, new rotation mechanics, and movement between different environments, offering a more challenging adventure with a substantially longer playtime.


A Breathtaking Handcrafted Adventure
Even though set in a post-apocalyptic cityscape inhabited only by robots, all 3D assets in Retropolis 2: Never Say Goodbye were hand painted by living and breathing human beings, making each environment a stunningly detailed piece of art. With improved graphics and character animation, returning to Retropolis is more jaw dropping than ever. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the city and search for hidden jokes.


Join The Revolution
Retropolis 2: Never Say Goodbye was written and directed with the belief that VR games will be the basis of entertainment in the 21st century. We see no difference between cinema, anime, and gaming. Our mission is to blend them all together and shape the future of narrative driven games.

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