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July Update: Who Killed Martha?

Hey there, all you Retropolis fans!

It’s almost the end of July, and here we are with our Retropolis 2 monthly update. Here at Peanut Button HQ, we’re working around the clock to finish production of the full game. We can see the finish line, but we are doing our best to keep calm and keep refining all the small details that make the game the perfect experience we want it to be.

So we still don’t have an official release date for the new episodes we’re working on, but if you already bought the Retropolis 2 app for the Quest, you’ll get them as free updates when they’re out. I hope that next month we’ll be able to share an official date. While we are all waiting, I thought that I could share with you a little spoiler-free (!) teaser of what’s waiting for you in the upcoming installments of Retropolis. The most popular radio drama in Retropolis - Who Killed Martha?

While investigating the case of the magician, you’ll be able to come across a room with a Radio that you can play with and tune in to all the different channels of Retropolis. I’m a huge fan of old radio shows, the podcasts of the old days, but when we planned out this part of the game a year and a half ago, I was a bit terrified of how to produce those broadcasts and make them sound good.

Luckily, the AI revolution casually just happened, so creating all the radio shows became pure fun. I used services called 11 Labs that can clone voices and read any script you write, then I searched the internet for archival radio recordings from the public domain, and I used them to train the AI to sound like an old radio show. It came out better than expected and became something we listen to over and over here at our office. The show attached is just as it appears in the game, alongside a news channel and a history channel, where you can learn more about the lore of Retropolis. But we said spoiler-free, right?

So that’s our update for now, if you haven't already gotten a copy of Retropolis 2 on the Quest, you can do it right now. And if you've got a copy, please make sure you write a review on the store page. You can find all of our links on our linktree

Have a great end of July

Eyal from Peanut Button

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