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August Update: Achievements Unlocked

Hello, fellow bots of our Retropolis! We're thrilled to introduce you to a new dimension of gameplay with our August update: Achievements!

For us, Retropolis 2 has always been about creating a rich and immersive VR point-and-click adventure. It's about crafting a world where players can lose themselves in a captivating narrative, solve intricate puzzles, and explore a beautifully designed environment. With Achievements, we're taking that to the next level, this is where advanced players can show that they are true explorers and can find any hidden challenge we dropped for them.

We've introduced a set of 9 achievements specific to Episode 1 of Retropolis 2 and you can play the game and get them right now, by getting early access to the game.

Here they are:

  • No stone left unturned

  • Get an achievement

  • Please forgive me, Jenny

  • Take it to go

  • Break’em All

  • Mask Dimension #1 (we still have a bug with getting this achievement so you won’t be getting it yet, sorry...)

  • Mask Dimension #2

  • Mask Dimension #3

  • Complete Episode 1

But wait, there's more! The excitement doesn't stop with Episode 1. Our development team is hard at work, crafting Episodes 2, 3, and 4, which will be released as free updates to the game soon. These episodes promise to unravel even more of the Retropolis story, introducing new challenges, mysteries, and, of course, achievements. That's a total of 28 achievements spread across the new chapters. and let me tell you, some of them won’t be easy to find. And we even designed the game in a way that if the main puzzle is more easy to solve, the harder it is to find the achievements hidden within it...

So just to tease you more... here are the names of the achievements you’ll soon be able to get across the new episodes:

  • Good boy

  • Art is the Ultimate Weapon

  • Dead End

  • Good Citizenship #1

  • Good Citizenship #2

  • Not on a Diet

  • Are We There Yet?

  • Not my day

  • Remember your own name

  • Unintended Solution

  • Puk Puk Pukaaak

  • The Wrong Betty

  • The Dan Flashes Achievement

  • Parlez-vous Français?

  • Life of crime

  • An offer that you can refuse

  • Escape Artist

  • Fourth Wall Smasher

  • Save the day!

  • Mask Dimension #4

  • Complete Episode 2

  • Complete Episode 3

  • Complete Episode 4

  • Secret Achievement #1 🤐

  • Secret Achievement #2 🤐

  • Secret Achievement #3 🤐

  • Secret Achievement #4 🤐

Imagine the hours of adventure, the puzzles yet to be solved, and the secrets waiting to be uncovered. Retropolis 2 is on the brink of an expansion that will take your gaming experience to new heights.

With passion and gratitude,

Eyal from Peanut Button

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