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April Update: Meet the Bettys

Hey everyone, I hope you're having a great time this time of year when spring is coming and days are becoming warmer. Here at Peanut Button we're deep in the works on Retropolis 2. We're only a small team so we're giving all we have to make the best game we can. As a VR gamer myself it feels like there's a lack of games to try out, especially for those who love narrative driven games so that's what drives me to give this game the time and dedication needed. I want to share with you a cool little feature that we just added to the game where the magician will leave behind masks for you to find, and see what happens when you put on the mask:

So adding this and a few more new mechanics to the game is something we're been working on lately, and at the same time the animators are working frame by frame on animating the characters, and in my opinion this is the thing that will really make Retropolis 2 a unique experience in the VR field. In the last month the team started animating a couple of new characters that are joining the story in this game - Betty 1 and Betty 2. They are almost identical models of robot, so they are also consider themselves as sisters (there's some logic to that, right?) and they both work as secretaries at the Retropolis police, as robots build with advanced tech they are capable to do a lot more then desk job, but the system in Retropolis is old and it is hard to get chances for promotion. At least one of them is feeling kind of frustrated about it...

And here's a sample of the animation made in the last month for Betty 1 and Betty 2

I can't wait for the game to be out already and for you to return to Retropolis and meet the Bettys in person! So... I guess that's my cue to get back to work o we can get there. To get updates on Retropolis 2 and to know when we have a release date make sure you join our mailing list, it's the best way to make sure you don't miss out on it and you'll get two exclusive digital posters! Take care, until next time

Eyal from Peanut Button

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